Community-driven innovation

Build an online innovation hub by crowdsourcing ideas from community members, and share ownership of projects.
Crowdsource ideas

Work together with your community to promote the best ideas from experts and advocates.

Drive innovation

Challenge teams to come up with the innovative ideas, and build new features and products for your community.

Foster customer loyalty

Create loyal brand advocates by directly involving your customers in the future of your business.

Community brings it all together

With a Crowded Community, you focus on what matters and create a thriving community for your members.

Launch your online community.

Everything you need to build your online community is right here

Crowded gives you all the tools you need to create an innovation hub for your organization.

Responsive design
Easy set-up
Easy to navigate
Optimized for search engines

I would highly recommend Crowded if you're looking for a software partner who sits on top of the latest developments, deploys them rapidly, and maintains a user-friendly and dedicated community community platform in a smart and sustainable way.

Emma van der Veen
Emma van der Veen Community Initiator, Amsterdam Smart City
Run contests

Motivate your community members to work together and innovate. Set up challenges so you can work with your community to create new features and products.

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Capture innovative ideas

Easily collect new ideas from your community, label them, approve them, and work together with your community to see what's most popular.

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Recruit new team members

Foster new connections and promote collaboration in your community. Post open positions for teams or projects by listing open team spots.

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Promote collaboration

Let your community members team up with other members to participate in contests and showcase their talents.

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A community solution built with you and your members in mind

You …
  • Create visibility for your brand
  • Profile your brand as an involved partner
  • Gather the best ideas from your community
  • Build an engaged platform to interact with your customers
  • Promote new products and updates
  • Increase organic traffic with SEO
  • Get valuable feedback and insights
  • Foster innovation and collaboration
  • Find relevant events to meet each other in an offline setting
Your members …
  • Find relevant events to meet each other in an offline setting
  • Are involved in the development process
  • Feel more connected to your brand
  • Receive product updates
  • Influence your roadmap
  • Join new teams and form new connections
  • Impact innovation and become part of your ecosystem
Ready to launch your co-creation community?
Thijs Wesselink
Thijs Wesselink Community Relations Manager, Blockchaingers

"Anyone can use Crowded products. The platform and admin is very easy to use and understand. It also integrates with other useful tools."

Nancy Zikken
Nancy Zikken Community Manager, Amsterdam Smart City

"A great community platform which fully supports our organizational goals."