Live communities

Check out a selection of live communities built on the Crowded platform.

🇳🇴 Neptune Software

Neptune Software is a development platform for creating enterprise apps. In their support community, members  offer peer-to-peer support, champion new products, and provide valuable expertise on a daily basis.

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🇺🇸 Alliance Aces

The Alliance Aces community is a place where alliance professionals collaborate, share their expertise, and get their questions answered.

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🇨🇭 Büro Züri

Büro Züri is a co-working space located in Zurich, Switzerland. Their online community is a place for productivity, creativity and networking.

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🇳🇱 Young Creators 

Young Creators is a community of ambitious entrepreneurs developing their own products and businesses. In the community, members share advice, ask for feedback, and even find business partners.

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